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Contemplative Leadership


Do you find yourself incumbered by common, every-day activities that stand in the way of the inner peace you desire?

As an alternative would you like to be more connected with your spirit self, grow in self-awareness, access your inner calm? Would you like to have a well-being that allows you to release the self-limiting tensions of the egoic self – that may stand in the way of your success?

Do you sense there is more to life than meets the eye, that there is a universal consciousness – and would like to develop a deeper relationship with that consciousness?

I am a personal and corporate coach, and a spiritual companion; and I blog about the contemplative process of knowing that draws upon the internal, innate wisdom we each have ... bringing action to our leadership, creative process, and spiritual relationships.

I believe we all have some fleeting glimpses of the goodness at the heart of the universe, a sense of individual and collective meaning, and the ultimate graciousness of life.  I would love to engage in dialogue and invite you to add your thoughts, questions and feedback to the comment section that you can find at the end of each post.  

I look forward to connecting!


Rick Raymond


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My name is Rick Raymond. I’m an educator, personal and business coach, mentor to entrepreneurs, seeker of spiritual wisdom, contemplative photographer, advocate for elderhood, husband and father.
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