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Contemplative Leadership

Spiritual Leadership

We are spiritual beings. Within us all is a spiritual nature, an energy flow, connecting all.  


Each of us, though, uniquely experiences the energy and our spiritual nature differently. 


I experience it most vividly in nature, and describe it like a deep ocean current that flows also through the forests, across the mountains and over the deserts. I sense it unified in attraction and love, and bound within my deepest values and sense of purpose.  It is a connection to something greater than myself.


I find this unifying love in all traditions of spirit wisdom seekers - Yahweh, Brahma, God, The Great Spirit. I respect all seekers across traditions; though I am most experienced in Christianity, Buddhism, and indigenous spirituality.  


Our spiritual nature can be accessed with intention; and I do Spiritual Leadership growth with a small number of individuals seeking a spiritual solution to something being experienced, or simply clarification, better understanding and stronger relationship with their spirituality. 

Multi Faith Spirituality

I welcome spiritual seekers of all traditions and culture. I also believe that our Ultimate Reality to which we have given various names such as Divine, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Great Spirit is not limited by any name or concept.


And I believe that the potential for human wholeness – enlightenment, salvation, transcendence, transformation, blessedness – is present in every human being.


My own background is Roman Catholicism.  I’ve trained in Ignatian Spiritual Directon. I am a student of the Buddhism, Multi-Faith Spiritual Direction, and have undertaken studies in Energy Healing and Indigenous Spirituality.

There are two ways of  spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. 

- Edith Wharton

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