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Family Business Topics

Spiritual in Family Businesses

A Fundamental Force

Spirituality discussed in the context of business can be challenging because of it being so deeply a personal and subjective experience, with concepts that vary among individuals and traditions.

Nevertheless, spirituality is recognized as a fundamental force of the human existence – of body, mind and heart, and is often described as a search for meaning or purpose, a connection to something greater than one-self, and as a quest for inner peace, happiness and fulfillment.

Where, more so than family businesses, does inner peace, connectedness happiness, and empathy find a place?

“The business of a family business it's not just business. It's the business of caring for each other.”

Randall Carlock, co-author of A Family Business on the Moon

Spirituality in Family Businesses

Spirituality in family businesses is reflected strongly in the values, ethics and purpose held by the family, in its perspectives on work-life balance, its multi-generational perspective, in its resilience to external changes.

Spirituality is reflected in its values passed down through generations and held in stewardship for future generations.

Generational Transitions

Just as seasons change so do leadership roles; and at some point, the next generation will assume the mantel of leadership, contributing their unique capabilities for the continued success and growth of the family legacy.

Transition, though, not uncommonly, are fraught with uncertainty. The parent is moving from a leaderhip role, accompanied perhaps, with a sense of emptiness as well as feelings of nostalgia and anticipation.

The next generation is eager for authority - transitioning from a supportive role to one of leadership, to being held accountable for the future of the business, the family, and the positive continuation of their legacy.

There is an echo of anxiety, an uncertainty for both – of the elder departing from a leadership role and the younger stepping into those shoes.

This may come with some likeness to the anticipation that accompanies the push that a parent gives their child as he/she is learning to ride a bike.

Spiritual Companionship in Family Businesses

Spiritual Companionship, also known as Spiritual Direction, is a holistic process that provides a space for individuals seeking understanding of their own spirituality.

It is journeying with a trained spiritual companion, walking alongside while you are exploring life’s new experiences, a deeper spiritual relationship, and meaning within an evolving sense of purpose.

Brene’ Brown, author of the Power of Vulnerability, captures the source of this experience:

“...we are all inseparably connected to each other by a power greater than all of ourselves, and our connection to this power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion”

To explore more how this may have meaning in your life you can contact me at 646-594-5587, or email me at

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