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Contemplative Leadership

About Me

My name is Rick Raymond. I'm an educator, personal and business coach, mentor to entrepreneurs, seeker of spiritual wisdom, contemplative photographer, advocate for elderhood, husband and father.

My personal story includes a Master of Science degree in oceanography. Tales as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Chile. Developing ‘teach the teacher’ marine education programs in NYC for the Cornell University Sea Grant Program. Being a legislative aid to the New York State Legislature. Teaching entrepreneurship at universities in NYC and China. Starting and selling an environmental management business. Coaching, advising and mentoring small business owners as they grow their businesses.


Over time, I came to sense a deeper purpose in my life – one that recognized an interconnectedness of all past experiences and is anchored in a universal consciousness; and became a student of indigenous spirituality, Buddhism, and re-embraced my Christian roots.


In May 2023 I completed an 18-month program in Ignatian Spiritual Direction  - to be a companion with others in their journey seeking a deeper understanding of their human and divine nature, and a closer relationship to God.


I’m inspired by many sources, notably including The Gospel of Mary Magdale


 …” take inspiration from manifestation of your true nature. Those who have ears, let them hear” _ The Gospel of Mary Magdale (8:7-9)

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