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Reflections on Cherished Memories of Winter’s Solitude

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

“I guess memories were like other kinds of answers: they appeared on their own accord and in their own time. We just needed to make sure they could find us.”

- The Heart Remembers, Jan-Phillipp Sendker

I grew up in northeast Pennsylvania on wooded land with an adjoining orchard and neighboring forest. I live in New York City now, but since Covid I have been largely upstate New York in similar surroundings to my childhood, where the blue-gray sky of late winter afternoons, the brittleness in the air, and a wind-blown snow-covered earth brings back memories of my early years in Pennsylvania.

I recall the silence that existed on the land, the creak of winter bound trees and the crunch of snow underfoot. Venturing out alone under a later afternoon sky, still able to see lights from my home, I found independence alone, encompassed in solitude.

Under the winter skies of late afternoon upstate New York I recognize the winter environment of my Pennsylvania youth, and the stillness I cherished years earlier in winter's embrace.

Deep Winter Embrace

Seeking peace of solitude

Finding peace of solitude

Discover solitudes peace

Questing peace of solitude

Seeking peaceful solitude

Seeking peace of solitude

Cherish peaceful solitude

Cherishing calm solitude

Cherishing still solitude

In a cloak of solitude


Sleepy winter fields

Sleeping winter fields

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Lou Siegel
Lou Siegel
May 07, 2022

Glad that you are having this experience. Thanks for sharing. Lou

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